Monday, July 25, 2005

An idea

So, there is a grant program through MSR that allows people to apply for treks throughout the world. It is a youth-only thing, under 25 I believe. And there is no real other requirements, other than you have to write a grant, have a clear proposal, and then be accepted. I would really be interested in doing that, but I have not much clue where to go. I'm torn between doing something majorly huge, like biking from Kathmandhu to Istanbul, (10 000km) or being more of a smaller scope. Kayaking around New Zealand, trekking through the Gobi desert, a photgraphy trip along the great wall of China... all are ideas that I've had so far. The Darien Gap of Panama would be a unique challenge, but probably beyond my range of ability at this moment. Ditto with any rock-climbing attempts or such. But hiking Gabon's national parks would be fun, and to see surfing hippos at the end. Or to China to view wild panda bears....

Any suggestions?

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