Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The bathroom

So I was in the bathroom at Emeryville last night, and I came to a sudden realization... all of the dividers for the stalls, doors, etc. have the same bolt socket as Ikea furniture. Besides the disturbing fact that Emeryville buys its restroom hardware from Ikea, it got me thinking. Imagine coming into the bathroom while some poor dude was sitting in a stall. you stand outside the door, without making a sound, and start to unravel the entire stall-wall system. You take the door off, put it aside, then the walls and other doors. Basically disassemble the entire bathroom with two Ikea chuckkeys. then you place it all in a pile and walk out, leaving the guy in the middle of a bathroom on the toilet. Could you imagine sitting on the toilet and suddenly the walls are taken apart without a sound or provocation? That is when you know your day is not going well.

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