Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hypocritical Congress

I find it shocking, how the Congress has seemed to react with a disproportionate lack of emotion regarding the cleaning-up of New Orleans and the obvious botching that occured on many levels. They are usually so reactionary with their statements, calling for commissions, special investigations, hearings, that I thought they would jump on the chance to investigate a real system malfunction in the aid of emergency victims. They jumped on the cable and radio people when Janet Jackson bared herself during the Super Bowl. The senators howled in digust and rattled cages, making impassioned speeches about indecency. Again with Terri Schiavo, they came back on a Sunday to hold special sessions, opine about the sanctity of life and how to best preserve it, on what was clearly not a federal issue. Ditto with the steriod scandal in baseball, calling Jose Canseco to testify along with all the big stars. Not to even mention the Clinton scandal of a few years back.

So, with thousands of dead, this seemed like an even more important time to investigate the failures of the government at all levels, from mayoral to federal. Especially with another hurricane bearing down on the South. But not. Despite the fact that there appears to be padding on the resume of Brown, the now-former FEMA director. Despite the fact that aid from several other nations and agencies were turned down in the hours and days immediately following the hurricane, while there was great need of them. There is quiet murmuring, but it seems like the whole thing has been pushed back to the burner as damage control from the White House comes into full play. Now they're the humanitarians, trying to rebuild the great city and save the people. There is so much that burns me here, so much blame to go around to all parties involved. Deservedly so too. But to have Congress sit on their butts and pass the appropriations and then do nothing, when there is real problems that need fixing. What a hypocritical thing to do. When there are people in need, and to prevent this from occuring again in the future. Shame on you Congress. It's time to get a little perspective.

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